Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robert Fromer Responds to Blog Posts

I received an e-mail from Robert Fromer today disputing my blog posts on the public hearings that resulted in the Windsor Town Council removing him from the Windsor wetlands agency in early October. With his consent I am publishing his e-mail on my blog. I am unable to post the 2 letters that were sent as attachments. The first letter, 4 pages with a 5 page attachment, dated September 7, 2010 to the Windsor wetlands agency addresses the "recurring false and misleading staff comments for the September 7, 2010 meeting." The second letter, 3 pages long with 2 attachments comprising 14 pages, is addressed to the Windsor Town Council and is entitled: "Complaint concerning the consistently recurring failure of the Wetlands Agent, Cyd Groff, Linnea Gilbert, Chairman of the Windsor Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission and member commissioners to reasonably interpret and implement the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act and the Commission's Regulations on the necessary findings for the delegation of authority to approve applications and issue permits."

Robert Fromer speaks:

I read your blogs based on your appearances at the public hearings for my removal. It's crystal clear that you haven't read the written evidence, nor do you know the actual facts. I am very disappointed in you because as an attorney and former AAG, I believed that you or should base your commentary strictly on facts. Hearsay and testimonies are not evidentiary facts but opinions. If you read the evidence, you'll learn that the primary issue is the utter incompetence of Cyd Groff and the commissioners on certain statutory and regulatory issues, which they have and continue to violate. I have attached recent correspondence to the town manager and town council on just one such issue; there were numerous others.

I took my oath of office very seriously. I challenged all information coming to the commission based on my philosphy of "trust but verify." The other commissioners totally relied on Agent Groff when her opinions or activities were often wrongful. I wonder if you know the three basis for removal of a wetlands commissioner.

In fact, I would love to debate you at public forums on just the unlawful removal. Are you up to the challenge?

A Citizen Attorney General

My response:

I declined the invitation to debate the issue. The point isn't what I believe is the right outcome. I was neither the protagonist nor the decision-maker in that proceeding. I acknowledge I didn't read the trial notebooks. I listened to the sworn testimony and I called 'em like I saw 'em. My sight may be imperfect. It's just one vision. But a debate? It's not about me, Robert Fromer, it's not about me.

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