Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't miss the free webinar on vegetated riparian corridors

Thanks to the good folks at CLEAR, (the Center for Land Use Education and Research), you can participate in a free hour-long webinar on riparian corridors, next Tuesday, February 8th from 2-3pm. Here is CLEAR's description of the course from its website:

"Riparian, or streamside, corridors provide a host of environmental benefits, from erosion control and wildlife habitat to water quality protection. What is the state of riparian corridors in Connecticut, and what options are there for addressing riparian corridor protection?

This webinar will focus on a recently completed CLEAR study showing changes to 100 foot and 300 foot riparian corridor areas during the 21-year period from 1985 to 2006. We will review statewide, watershed, and town-level data, and demonstrate the use of the project website. We will also present information on the functions and values of riparian corridors of various widths, the relationship between wetlands and riparian corridors, and the need for local commissions, land trusts and other conservation groups to work together on the conservation of these critical areas."

The timing is just right to consider Senator Meyer's bill on vegetation in riparian corridors, Bill # 832, the next day when the Environment Committee of the General Assembly holds its public hearing.

Riparian corridors is the topic that will kick-off the 2011 monthly webinar series. The other topics include: affordable housing, rain gardens, google maps mashups, brownfields, global positioning systems (GPS), permeable pavements for stormwater control, farm-friendly plans and regulations, and CLEAR web tools.

Sign-up for the riparian corridor webinar on CLEAR's website by clicking here.

And if you like the ease and the format of a webinar, let DEP know that you'd like webinars to be part of its training for wetlands commission members.

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